What This Man Did To This Chick On Live Television Got Him Fired Immediately !! (Insane Videos)

This event took place during a Spanish show where this woman named Maria Lapiedra was asked to give her reasons as to why she should be a competitor on the show “Sobreviviente” which is the Spanish equivalent to the famous show: Survivor.

She started of by giving some rather naughty answers to get the crowd going; when suddenly a guy came from behind her and completely removed her dress leaving her naked!

By the way she was acting and her seemingly carefree attitude, many people say this… 

was actually staged; yet she did not seem very pleased at first while she chased the guy up and down the studio trying to get back at him.

Real or fake, there’s no doubt this kind of behavior is not appropriate, which is the reason why the man was later fired from his job!

Watch the clip below and just as a heads up: if you have children and you watch these types of show; make sure you keep them from seeing it.

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