These Arm Wrestlers Were Competing When Something  Horrible Happened To One Of Them !!

Australian former professional rugby league footballer of the 2000s and 2010s Ben Ross went to compete against Wendell Sailor in an arm wrestling match that had a very unexpected and tragic aftermath.

This happened live on the footy show on 2005 and it is absolutely gruesome!

Both men are placed in position and their hands are tied together to prevent unnecessary movement and/or shifting of the hands’ positions.

When the match started; they went all in both trying to win the match when suddenly… 

a bone cringing snapping noise left Ben ross screaming in agonizing pain!

He had just broken his arm on live TV and the crowd is left in shock!

The show broke to commercials and they called an ambulance. 

Watch what happens in the video below and stick around for more daily news and videos!  

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