These Guys Will Show You The Most Clever Way To Fake A Shark Attack !! (Amazing Videos)

Youtube pranksters went to the beach and just when they were about to attempt an epic prank, it suddenly started to rain and everybody left the place.

Nonetheless, they were determined to make the best out of the situation so they decided to teach us how they were gonna do this prank so we could do it ourselves!

The prank was supposed to simulate a shark attack and needless to say, it was very much believable!

It consisted of burying one guy down to… 

Optimized-Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 7.32.03 PM

his neck in the beach sand, while exposing only his leg and leaving his head hidden under a t-shirt so he could breath; while the other guy had one leg hidden in the sand!

Lots of ketchup to simulate the blood and done !!

Watch the video below and if you were ever to attempt this; make sure you capture the reactions on camera! 

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