This Guy Stole A Bike; But He Didn’t Know He’d Be Seating On An Electric Seat!! (Insane Videos)

Youtube pranksters are back at it again with another epic, stupid, dangerous or whatever you like to call it prank!

This time they hooked an bicycle with an electric cable on both the bike’s handles and the seat; and left it “unattended”.

As you might have suspected, a few people came to check it out, and others well, they attempted to steal it!

It was then when the pranksters made the chiefs feel sorry for their actions; by shocking the bejesus out of them!

Optimized-Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 7.51.02 PM

One one them particularly; was going so fast that, when he got electrocuted, he lost control and crashed against a tree on top of which one of the prankster was hiding, making for an ideal footage capture!

While this is very dangerous and once again, might be considered stupid to many, i think if you steal anything and karma gets you; you have it well deserved!

Watch the clip below, comment what you think about it and share this with your friends who love pranks!


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