He Pretended To Be Blind And Asked People For Change; But The Twist To This Experiment Will Shock You !!

A youtube prankster wanted to conduct a blind man social experiment where he pose as a blind man and ask strangers whether they would help me out with change for a five dollar bill but he actually handed them a fifty dollar bill. 

There are two possible outcomes from this situation: They could do the right thing and let the blind man know he is handing them the wrong note OR they could take advantage of the blind man by not saying anything basically stealing money from a blind person. 

You’ll be quite surprised as to the… 

Optimized-Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 7.28.08 PM

amount of people who basically stole off a blind man, which is absolutely ridiculous. 

Watch the video below, comment what you thought about it and share this with your friends who love pranks, to see what they have to say! 

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