While Renovating Their New House; This Family Made The Creepiest Discovery Inside Their Walls!!

A FAMILY who were renovating their home got more than they bargained for when they stripped back the walls and found that dozens of animal carcasses had been stuffed behind the drywall.

The Bretzius family, from Pennsylvania, had been trying to add some insulation to their home when they discovered that the room had been insulated with the grim remains.

Other strange items found stashed behind the walls included a mysterious batch of half-used spices.

The deceased animals were all...

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wrapped in old newspapers from the 1930s and 40s.

The mum of four said that they first found animals in their walls back in 2012 - and have been removing morbid items ever since.

When the family got a home inspection, before they bought the house, the inspector didn't find anything amiss.

When they bought the house in 2011, it was the family's dream home because it seemed to need no work - but now it’s all they've been doing.

The horror in the wall isn't covered by insurance, since the items was there before they bought the policy.

The Bretzius’ have had to fix the issue and pay for it themselves - at a huge cost.

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