When This Biker Kicked This Woman’s Car; He Didn’t Expect Her To Answer Like This! (Insane Videos)

This footage was recorded in the streets of brazil; and it shows a confrontation between an angry biker and an even angrier female who was driving a car!

The biker is caught on tape as he purposely kicked the woman’s vehicle, not expecting her aggressive come back!

As soon as he hit the car, the woman stepped on the gas and knocked the man off his bike and into the ground.

The man the proceeded to get up and continue to fight with the woman and in a split second, he… 

Optimized-Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 8.58.20 PM

ended up on top of her vehicle’s hood holding on to dear life!

The woman then sped up with the man on top of the car, and she crashed against a stationary vehicle almost crushing the man to death.

The biker got up and went to the woman’s window in an attempt to deliver some punches which were unsuccessful.

The both escaped unharmed, despite the property damage, and they were later arrested by police.

Watch the clip below and make sure to avoid road rage at all costs!

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