This Woman Continued To Sleep With Her Already Dead Husband For Over A Year !! (Insane Videos)

A widow from Belgium was found to have been sleeping with her deceased husband for over a year!

She said it was never about anything creepy like those people who fantasize about having intercourse with dead bodies; but rather her need and desire to cuddle with her husband at night what made her keep the whole thing secret for so long.

She would’ve done it for much longer had she not forgotten to pay the rent, which made the landlord come looking for her and discovering what was happening.

The deceased husband, Marcel, passed away due to… 

Optimized-article-2510068-1983801A00000578-985 634x298

a severe asthma attack and his wife was so upset she refused to report the event and continued living with him for over a year.

She used a whole lot of air fresheners around the house to keep the smell somewhat under control; yet the body was decomposing quickly and her bed had already been slowly consumed by the secreting bodily fluids of the dead man.

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