This Scooter Driver Attempted To Pass This Cement Truck When Disaster Struck !! (Insane Videos)

This event took place in central Taiwan where a scooter driver attempted to pass a cement truck and lost control, thus falling under the truck’s wheels and getting killed!

It was later discovered that the victim had lost control due to uneven paving alongside the road for which there was no apparent sign.

The truck driver claimed to not have realized what had happened until the dash cam driver flagged him.

Thanks to this footage the court… 

Optimized-Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 11.39.44 PM

ruled in favor of the truck driving settling the case as nothing but an unfortunate and tragic accident.

Watch the clip below but be warned: even though some of the most gruesome imagery is blurred out; the footage might still affect you. Viewer discretion is advised!

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