This Man Put A Child Inside A Washing Machine As A Joke; And He Instantly Regretted It !! 

A seemingly routine trip to the laundromat turned into an urgent ordeal after a couple's child became stuck inside an active washing machine.

The man in the video was presumably playing with the child when he placed him inside the machine. However, when the door locked, the automatic cycle began with the tot trapped inside.

The panicked couple then started banging and pulling on the door without success as the child continued to...

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spin inside the machine, according to surveillance video posted on YouTube.

Out of options, the man urgently ran to the back of the laundromat to get the attention of a worker, who rushed to the scene and unplugged the washer. When the door finally unlatched, the worker pulled the child out of the machine.

Despite being trapped for more than a minute, the child managed to escape the machine with only minor bruising, according to Real Talk NY.

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