This Guy Just Escaped Prison; But Watch Him Convince This Cop He’s Actually A Jogger !! (Insane Videos)

A warning had been put out about a prison escapee by the name of Richard Lee McNair who is being chased by police. 

An officer was stopping people in area where the prisoner was likely to be around; and sure enough he was; just not to this cop’s knowledge!

The officer stopped a man matching the description he was given about the escapee; yet when the cop asked the man for his name he answered: Robert Jones; which wasn’t true given that he actually was the prisoner. 

The cop tried to identify the man who claimed to have been… 

Optimized-Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 2.40.19 AM

jogging in the area yet the man was so good at lying he convinced the cop he wasn’t who they were looking for!

Almost by the end, the cop asked him what his name was once again and the man gave him a different name (Jimmy Jones) and the officer didn’t even realize it!

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