It Looked Like A Giant Pimple On His Face; But When He Yanked It Out; Look At His Face! (Insane Videos)

This kid went to the doctor for what he thought was a pimple that no matter how many times he squeezed it out; it would always come back.

The doctor immediately realized it wasn’t a pimple; but a staphylococcus infection that had been eating away at his face for weeks!

The doctor put him on antibiotics and about a week after, he decided to remove the white plug on his face!

 When he managed to pull it out; he… 

Optimized-Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 9.01.19 PM

practically had a huge hole in his face! 

If he hadn’t gone to the doctor, the ending would’ve been much worse!

Watch what happens in the clip below and share this to create awareness and be keener with hygiene ! 

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