He Was Complaining Of Severe Pain In His Tongue; 5 days Later This Happened !!

This man who, by the name of the youtube channel where this video was uploaded, is named Brandon Douglas, had been complaining of a sharp pain coming from his tongue!

As awkward as this may sound, his pain was no joke; for he had something that although not widely known, isn’t uncommon.

Underneath his tongue, he developed something called a salivary duct stone which was obstructing one of his salivary glands!

he claims to have no clue as to how it got there, and with good reason; given that its cause is not known.

We know that it contains calcium and they form when some chemicals in the saliva accumulate in the duct or gland for extended periods of time.

The stones cause no symptoms as they form, but if they reach a size that 

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blocks the duct, saliva backs up into the gland, causing pain and swelling. You may feel the pain off and on, and it may get progressively worse. Inflammation and infection within the affected gland may follow.

In this particular case, he decided to try and get it out on his own, which isn’t always the smartest thing to do but luckily he managed to squeeze it out by using his own tongue to apply pressure on the duct.

Watch the video below, comment your thoughts and opinion on the matter and make sure to share this with your friends so they know what to look for if this were to happen to them!

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