He Jumped From This Bridge Into The Water; And He Immediately Regretted It! (Insane Videos)

Teenagers aren’t known for being the most responsible; and this case is no different!

A young boy is being recorded as he leans on a bridge and jumps into the murky water just for the fun of it.

Not only did he not know what was under the water, or how deep it actually was; but he is also a little bit overweight which made the situation twice as bad!

When he finally made the jump (Which was very short lived) the water turned out to be very… 

Optimized-Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 11.22.53 PM

shallow, thus making the jump drop all the boy’s weight on his legs!

The impact was so bad, the boy broke his leg in the gnarliest way!

He started screaming in agonizing pain as he lifted his leg and realized the horrible mistake he had just made.

Watch the clip below, comment your thoughts and opinion, share this article with your friends and advice them to avoid this type of behavior so that things like this don’t happen to them in the future.

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