Family Digs Up Their Grandfather After 15 Years; How He Looks Will Leave You In Complete Shock!

Today’s story is about a family who had their grandfather pass away 15 years ago and they decided to dig him back up for reasons that remain unclear.

The video shows how a couple of men removed all the dirt from the grave and exposed the casket; but the disturbing part happens once they decided to open it!

15 years is enough time for any dead body, human or not, to fully decompose; yet this man’s body looked intact!

He looks almost as if he had… 

Optimized-Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 2.48.18 AM

been freshly buried, which greatly suggests they might have performed some sort of body preservation techniques before the burial.

The aspect of the the body suggests something similar to a process called embalming where the body is protected using several substances such as spices and perhaps arterial injection of preservatives.

Watch the clip below and WARNING: If you’re sensitive to this kind of imagery, we suggest that you find a different article. 

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