After You Watch What This Woman Does With Her Cat You’ll Find Her Repulsive !!

43 year old Lisa has what she calls: “an irresistible obsession”; however, the obsession isn’t the issue; but what she’s obsessed about.

She loves to lick her cat and chew on her hairballs!

Allow me to repeat that last statement: She loves to lick her cat and chew on her hairballs!

Yes! As strange and disgusting as it may sound; she been doing this for over three years and she claims her cat’s fur is of a very distinctive and… 

Optimized-screen-shot-2016-02-04-at med hr-4

soft texture that makes her obsessed to chew on.

She claims this to be very relaxing and since the cat seems to enjoy it; she doesn’t plan on stoping or changing her behavior any time soon!

We can all but watch in disconcert and hope she never chokes on a hairball!

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