A Guy Was Quietly Eating Lunch At A Burger King When Suddenly A Huge Fight Broke Out!

Since nowadays everything that happens that might be considered to be uncommon gets recorded; this particular day was no different. 

The man who filmed this shocking clip was having lunch at a local Burger King when things suddenly went sour.

he noticed a commotion so he pulled out his phone and captured the moments when several angry alleged customers started fighting  and even employees of the restaurant got involved!

They fight started outside of the place and it ended up with everyone inside throwing… 

things at each other like animals!

The reason why this fight broke out is unclear and luckily for everyone no one was seriously injured. 

Police arrived minutes later and arrested a few individuals for questioning. 

Watch what happens below and if you’re ever in a similar situation we suggest you to leave and not stay there filming for the unpredictable trouble makers could be armed and it could end badly. 

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