A 500 Pound Bomb Was Suddenly Dropped On US Soldiers By Mistake! (Insane Videos)

This footage is part of an ongoing documentary of the war in Afghanistan through raw combat footage. 

The event took place in Paktika Province, Afghanistan where, after spotting Taliban forces on a distant ridge line, U.S. Army mortar teams engage with 60mm mortars. 

A simultaneous airstrike is called in which accidentally drops a 500 pound bomb on a U.S. Army infantry outpost, mistaking their position for… 

Optimized-screen-shot-2016-02-19-at med hr-2

Taliban fighters!

Luckily there were no friendly casualties in this rare incident, due to the First Sergeant's decision to bring everyone to "stand to" before the drop. 

It is still unclear what caused the pilot to target the wrong position.

A soldier later interviewed said: ”If it wasn't for the decision of our First Sergeant, three of our guys would have died in that wooden building which was shredded by shrapnel.”

Watch what happened in the footage below.

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