Meet The Most Incredible Kim Kardashian Look Alike's out There ! Their Resemblance Will leave you Speechless !!

         Ever since social media exploded in popularity, celebrities have had a much intimate way to connect with their fans and followers.

Over the years, this has made people obsessive over their role models and idolized actors/actresses and models of the fashion industry; like the case of the now world wide known Kim Kardashian.

Though she came from money and fame, she didn’t use to be this popular back in the day, but now she seems to be anywhere and everywhere !

People, especially females, look up to her as a role model and many would even go insane if they get the opportunity to meet the celebrity.

As it would be expected… 


many celebrity look alikes usually obtain a bit of popularity simply by looking like the famous person; like the case of the people we’ll be talking about further down.

        Today we’ll mention and show you a few people who’ve not only gotten business deals just for looking like Kim K, but have also gone to the point of making this their whole life plan; from getting surgeries to look like her, to posing as a double for paying gigs!

        One of the most popular Kim Kardashian look alike is Kamilla Osman whos an Instagram celebrity with an uncanny resemblance to KK. She's had TV appearances to talk about her life and she said shed had a few surgeries which she claims weren’t intentionally done to make her look more like Kim, but ended up doing so regardless.

        Below is one of the interviews where she talks about her surgeries and you can just see how much she looks like Kim. its Amazing !  

        Another KK look alike emerged several months ago who also happens to be in the social media business world; her name is Sonia Ali. She has a pretty big following on an Instagram account she and her sister created. 

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Sonia is a beauty blogger and shes worked with a few celebrities suck as Naomi Harris.

Sonia says that companies send her KK outfits for her to wear and promote on her social media.

However, she only features a selected few due to the fact that her wardrobe preferences are a little more casual than Kim’s.

Below we show you a clip that talks more in depth about her and show even more pictures of her in which you can tell she does look like Kim K; even prettier according to her fans!

As if two KK look alike weren’t enough, we have yet another one that goes by the name of Jelena Peric who guess what? yup, she’s also an Instagram make up artist and fashion model.

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She’s of Croatian descent and has a staggering 700 Thousand followers on Instagram, making her the most followed KK look alike to date!

Surprisingly, one of her most popular makeup tutorial videos is that in which she shows her fan how to achieve the Kim Kardashian look.

Though many clim she does not actually look like KK, after her makeup session, her photographs tell a whole different story!

The fact of the matter is, they have all learned  the nicks and tricks of social media and have perfectly made it work in their favor, which is why they’re being mentioned and talked about all over the media.

Below we show you a clip of Jelena and a bit more information about her. We hope you enjoyed this and if you think we’re missing a Kim look alike, don’t hesitate to send us an email to: and send us the link or name.


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