Beautiful Actress Cara Delevingne Claims To Have A “Nipple Detector” And She’s Determined To Prove It !!

On an interview about the upcoming film: Suicide Squad; the actress Cara Delevingne brought up a totally unrelated subject that ended up being the highlight of the interview!

They started talking about the film and the wardrobe used by the 26 year-old Margot Robbie; one thing led to another and in a matter of seconds they got right into it and things got well…kind of hot i shall say.

The actress Cara Delevingne bet she could guess, on any girl, where her nipple was, regardless of how visible it was.

She wasn’t only claiming to have some… 

Optimized-Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 7.06.24 AM (1)

sort of “nipple detector”; she was determined to prove it!

That’s when she approached Margot and started to look for her you know what, making the actress just a bit uncomfortable (apparently in a nice way) and well she proceeded to grab it!

She did it to both actresses on set and am sure this would be a moment most guys, especially their faithful fans, will forever cherish!

Watch the clip below, comment your thoughts and opinion in the commenting section below the clip, and share this with your friends who love these beautiful actresses!

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