What This Killer Said To The Victims’ Family Will Make You Want To Sentence Him Yourself !!

This is 4 videos in 1 of the infamous shocking case of TJ Lane. For those who don’t know him; this young man is a triple killer with no remorse. 

The video features how the 17 year old killer shocks the courtroom by flipping off the victim's families before speaking the most outrageous thing ever uttered by a defendant about to be sentenced. 

He said: “This very hand that pulled the trigger that killed your sons… 


now masturbates to the memory! F*ck all of you", while giving the middle finger. 

He smiles & smirks the entire 2 minutes that the victims families are addressing him. & finally, TJ Lane's sister & lawyer speak afterwards. 

Thankfully this man is now safely behind bars and away from society with a triple life sentence and without the possibility of parole. 

This video contains graphic language; therefore viewer discretion is advised. 

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