This Woman And Two Friends Suffered Their Worst Experience When A Hanging Bridge Snapped!

Have you ever gone hiking before? If you have; then you know the dangers of doing so and the possible consequences. 

These small group of friends went hiking together and the had to cross a suspension bridge in order to get to their destination. Little did they know; they were about to experience their worst nightmare! 

As they started to cross the bridge, everything seemed normal; but then; without any warning; disaster struck! 

The bridge suddenly snapped and… 

Optimized-Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 7.03.00 PM

turned almost upside down thus knocking the three friends off and down to the shallow water. 

They struggled to survive in those agonizing moments and thankfully they managed to emerge from the water alive! 

Watch the agonizing moment when the bridge simple gave up almost ending these friends’ lives. 

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