This Girl’s Performance Went Horribly Wrong In A Matter of Seconds!! (Insane Videos)

Miss Kondrashina, who describes herself as a fitness coach, model, dancer and yoga teacher on her Instagram, auditioned for the show in Gelendzhik, a city in south-western Russia. 

Wearing a floaty mint-green dress, the barefoot dancer performed a contemporary piece in the hopes of getting through to the next stage.

However, towards the end of the performance, the 23-year-old dropped into a sudden split, and smashed her face on the stage.

Miss Kondrashina could be seen on live TV clutching her face with blood pouring from her nose as she was rushed off the stage before the judges could even… 

give their comments and scores. 

Aided by the production team and presenters, the 23-year-old was patched up backstage, but ended up having to be taken to hospital. Shortly before she was removed from the studios, Miss Kondrashina admitted to the Dancing presenters that she may have broken it. Miss Kondrashina, who spent two months preparing her dance, said afterwards: 'Luckily I have been told I do not need plastic surgery for my nose'

'It does not matter how many times one falls down, what really matters is how many times one chooses to get up.'

She added that she had auditioned for Dancing in the hopes of using 3,000,000 RUB (£30,000) to open a dance school in her town. Dancing, shown on popular TV channel TNT, seeks to find Russia's 'best dancer' and is one of the most-watched shows in the country.

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