This Crazy Woman Goes Off On Two Guys Accusing Them Of Being Indian Terrorist Rapists ! (Insane Videos)

The best punch line about this video is that the guys being accused weren’t even from the middle east; but Brazil!

This racist woman mistakes them for terrorists and she goes crazy on them. 

While they filming a YouTube video in front of a local airport, a racist woman stopped her vehicle on the side of the road and started calling the two guys on scene terrorists, rapists, fa**ots and more. 

The guys pulled out… 

Optimized-Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 5.42.15 PM

their camera and started recording the incident. 

One of them even served the U.S Air Force and he says: ''I honestly never thought this would happen to me. 

It's disgusting how ignorant and blind people are nowadays. 

People like her need to be shunned out of society, because that's the mentality that keeps us from progressing.’’ 

Watch this crazy footage below and spread the story to make people aware of such harmful behavior!

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