This Chick Goes Absolutely Frantic Over A Food Order. "This Is America And You Get It Right The 1St Time"

As if we didn’t already have enough with the whole Donald Trump against hispanics’ scandal; here comes a chick out of nowhere and goes absolutely bananas over a food order. 

Apparently the order came with green peppers and she said she wanted the red ones; which she would have had to wait 15 more minutes to get as the employee offered to change it. 

She went off on the two employees who seemed to have been speaking a foreign language and she yelled “This is america! You get it right the first time!!”. 

It was obvious this woman was… 

not taking an apology for an answer so instead she decided to become the distasteful monster you see in the video. 

We encourage you to share this video with your friends on Facebook so they know which kind of behavior to avoid when dealing with a problem. 

It might be true the customer is always right; but it’s never right to be insulting and impolite under any circumstance! 

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