She Might Look 40 To You; But When You See How Old She Really Is; Your Jaw Will Hit The Floor!

Meet Zara. 

This woman you see here that easily looks like a 40 year old lady, is actually a much much younger girl with a very rare disease called Lipodystrophy, which makes her skin grow fast and makes her look much older than her actual age. 

She is only 13 years old! She's constantly being bullied in school and so far the only emotional support she is receiving comes from her mother who also has the disease and her sisters who love her unconditionally.

Even at the early age of six, her mother and father knew she was… 

Optimized-Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 4.18.08 PM (1)

gonna be different; and as the years went by, so did the young look on Zara’s face just like they expected.

it is very unappealing to strangers who rudely stare at her on the streets and can’t seem to figure out how old she really is.

Thankfully, her family loves her and in time, she’ll learn to love and accept herself for what she truly is: a beautiful and wonderful person.

Watch her story in the video below and share it with all your friends!

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